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Coming out of Denver, CO is Prep Rally, a talented, self-described electro-pop band with talent that spans genres. The band consists of vocalist and lyricist Tatum Russo, Drew Norris on guitar and piano, and Will Clark on bass. All three members have had prior music careers of their own and decided to combine their talents to create this exciting new project.

"I came from a background of musical theatre performance and felt that something was always missing in that atmosphere. I also spent my time singing in several folk bands in the Denver area throughout my college career, and I imagined always staying in the genre, but there was a part of me that wanted to explore something with a wider sound variety," Russo said.

Prep Rally certainly has a wide variety of sound, as seen through their first three songs, "Dancing In The Clouds," "Fire Decides" and "Fickle Thing." Each song is uplifting and fun while showcasing the group's separate talents beautifully. Russo's vocals are spectacular, Norris shines on both of his instruments, and Clark rocks the bass, despite it not being his primary instrument prior to the band's creation, as he so humbly has said.

Beyond Clark, each member of the band is trying new things with this project, with Russo exploring a new genre, and Norris dabbling in composition. "Aside from doing remixes on a few of my previous band's songs, this is my first foray into composing/producing and being responsible for more than one part of the instrumentation of a song," Norris said.

Prep Rally is a collaborative effort, with Russo being the main lyricist, but each member creating the songs together. That's part of what makes Prep Rally so special. When one member has an idea, the others work together to make that idea come to life, resulting in refreshing new music perfect for the millennial crowd.

"I've always been drawn to music with a certain purity and truth, delivered with a playful dance ability. Prep Rally drew me in with that," Clark said. "Prep Rally has a natural flowing dialogue with life/love's fickle nature and the ephemeral growth that results. The name says more than it lets on, the rallying aspect is largely about sharing the good spirit of having fun/a good time, keeping it all light through the tides of life."

In today's uncertain world, music like Prep Rally's is a breath of fresh air. It's hopeful, it's light, and it's a great time. Prep Rally has a bright future ahead, and will surely make a name for themselves in the music world.