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Zooey's Day

A Choose Your Own Adventure Story by Prep Rally

Chapter 1: Bored of it all

I was lying down at the foot of my bed (it’s a pretty big bed and having all of the space to myself is exactly what I need, but I agree to share it with my human anyway…sometimes they even get most of the bed). Anyway, lately, at the foot of my giant bed, I have been thinking that I DO have it good here, but…it’s just the same old same old. I am bored of the routine. My life is so predictable, and according to my astrology reading, I’m meant for more than just a predictable lifestyle. It has been on my mind for the last few hours (pretty sure an hour is 2 seconds…) and I feel like I need a change. I have been living in the Sanctuary Rim neighborhood with my human for a few years now and still haven’t fully explored the area! I’ve got to shake things up; I’m a corgi, I do what I want. I have you under my spell instantly, the second you look into my giant, disproportionate-to-the-rest-of-my-body ears. I’m certain I can use this to my advantage to break out and start something new!

First things first…I’m going to need to get out of my elaborately large doghouse which I also share with my human. We really do share a lot of things, and while I love my human so much, I think she would understand the kind of journey that I REALLY need to go on right now. She probably could use the space too; maybe we need some time away from each for just a bit. I just have to go explore something bigger, and I think the time for my opportunity is…NOW! The door is wide open, my human is going out to grab the newspaper. I’m through the portal, off my leash and I feel FREE!

“Zooey!!! Zooey come back!” “Treats!” “Zooey, dinner!” My human yells from behind, chasing after me.

Don’t listen to that, Zooey…9 out of the 10 times she calls dinner in a day you don’t get dinner. It’s not worth it! I just gotta keep going and don’t look back. Question is…where DO I go? There’s the dog park down the road, or…the big giant neighborhood across the busy road! Do I go have a ball at the dog park, or do I explore the neighborhood across the busy street??


1. Go to the dog park
2. Cross the busy street