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Chapter 2: The Dog Park

I do love spending time at the dog park, I think I’ll go there to see what’s new! The dog park is big and there’s tons of room to run around and bark at others for not adhering to the herding rules.

Well, wait a second…it looks like there are some new dogs there. Some dogs I have never seen before…and all my friends and their humans…they are huddled in the timid pooch park?? This can’t be right; we never hang out there - we OWN this dog park! Or I do at least…but my friends have always been there with me. I have to see what is going on.

I prance on over to the timid pooch park where my friends are gathered in a corner.

“Hey guys! …What’s going on, how come you are all over here? This park is for skittish chihuahuas…you know, like we always joke about.”

“Oh, hey Zooey” Shayla, my mixed friend says.

“…yeah, we were over on the other side, but those two dachshunds and that bulldog sort of took it over and wouldn’t let us play ball like we always used to.”

“Well couldn’t we take them on?? I mean, we are all at least the same size as them, if not bigger!”

“We’re afraid to go back over there” Sasha, my other mixed friend, chimes in.

“Yeah…they said if we tried to get smart that they would tell our humans that we are bad girls and that we shouldn’t get dinner tonight.”

I take some time, processing the information that was laid out before me by my good pals. I’m processing…. oh, and yeah, I’m pretty hungry now - I could really use some food. “Food…” I think to myself. Why did food sound familiar? Oh!! Right yeah...

“You guys, I love food! I was just thinking to myself how much I love food, but I’m pretty sure you shouldn’t shy away from the bigger dog park just because those doxies said they will tell your humans that you are bad girls and shouldn’t get dinner. We don’t even speak the same language! We have to try and take it back!”

“Alright Zooey, if you think we can reason with them and you swear our humans won’t understand them if we DO go back over, then I think we should give it a shot” Shayla says.

Perfect! My friends are on board to go over to the big dog park and have some fun. I think we’ll first need to—OMG SQUIRREL!

Quick, do I help my friends…OR FOLLOW THAT SQUIRREL?


1. Help my friends!