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Chapter 2: Crossing The Street

Okay…I’ve never been this far outside of my neighborhood…and this is a busy road, but I think if I look both ways like my human always does before we cross a street I should be fine, right??

Nothing coming from the right…nothing coming from the left…I’m gonna go! I bolt across the street, into the woods and…over to the other side!

I mean…things don’t look much different from my own neighborhood. The houses are a similar style, but the yards ARE HUGE, and they have fences! So these dogs could just run around their backyards all day AND have social hour at the dog park! I have longed to be outside off my leash for a while, that’s why I went on this adventure. The only time I am not on a leash outside is at the dog park. These dogs have really got it made…

Oh, hang on a sec…I really feel the need to vocalize and alert everyone in the vicinity… THAT THERE’S A DOG ON THE LOOSE. OMG, they look JUST like me! A Corgi with disproportionate ears!

“Bark! BArK!! bArKK!” I gotta meet that dog! I wanna ask them about the house they live in, specifically the yard!! Oh gosh this is so exciting I can’t even begin to —OMG SQUIRREL!!

I’m torn - should I follow that corgi on the loose and make friends, or do I have a heck’n fun time chasin’ that squirrel???


2. Follow the other corgi!