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Chapter 3: The Quest to Help My Friends

“Alright guys, I think we should maybe go over there and just try and reason with those dachshunds.”

“Okay, we are right behind you, Zooey!” Shayla barks in agreement.

Shayla, Sasha and I approach the bigger dog park and wait by the opening.

“Alright, if we all go together it can’t be that bad!” I say. We enter the bigger dog park and are immediately charged by the dachshunds and the bulldog.

“Oh, you brought your corgi friend to come and fight your battles? Wow, really lame. Look at her dumbo ears.” The brown dachshund says.

I can feel the anger surging through my paws. My ears are my best asset - how dare they?!

“My ears are not dumbo, and you guys are being mean to my friends. This place is huge, why can’t we all play over here?”

“Because we don’t let mixed dogs play with our toys. We don’t let dogs with dumbo ears play with our toys, either,” the bulldog snorts.

“Look, we are ALL a product of continuous breeding…we’re all mixed breeds if you think about it. We came from wolves, and none of us are wolves!” I bark loudly.

“Whatever, you know what we mean by mixed - not purebred. Now all of you get out of here or we will go to your humans and tell them you are bad girls and shouldn’t get dinner.”

Shayla and Sasha start crying behind me. This is getting a little more involved than I thought, but they are my friends and I owe it to them to stick by their side! As I start to think of a plan to help my friends, out of the corner of my eye I see a much bigger, stranger looking dog by the forest trail entrance. They are looking right at me! Like I am their quest or something… This dog looks like a wild dog that doesn’t have any humans - maybe nature is their owner…

Oh OH! That is a wolf! Oh my gosh what a true surprise! I mean…I should go follow them. This must be destiny, to get the chance to really learn from my ancestors…but my friends…oh man…do I follow the wolf or help my friends?


1. Take back the dog park!
2. Follow the wolf!