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Chapter 3: The Great Squirrel Chase

“Sorry Shayla, sorry Sasha!! I know you guys will figure this situation out, but I’m sure you understand my intense need to follow that squirrel!”

“Totally get it Zooey, you know we would join you, but our human is watching us closely…you’re lucky to be out exploring the outdoors!” Shayla says.

Shayla and Sasha smile at me and I dart after that squirrel! I follow the squirrel straight into the woods on the trails my human normally walks me on. Of course this is where they’d be going. I’ve always wondered what a squirrel home would look like!

We travel deeper into the woods, through trees and bushes, over hill over dale, and then…through the underbrush, I see the squirrel stop in a large gathering of other squirrels. There’s a bonfire in the middle of a clearing, and the squirrel I was chasing takes an acorn and places it in the flames. Suddenly all the other squirrels do the same thing, one after another, and begin chanting loudly.

“We, the squirrels of Sanctuary Rim, band together to protect our kin! We’ll grab the acorns and place them in, into the fire and rise again!”

They start cheering and dancing, and I’m watching with my mouth agape…there is a squirrel cult in my neighborhood, and it sounds like they are trying to overthrow us. This is not good…it is possible that they could outnumber us dogs…and I don’t know that our humans would believe us if we ever tried to expose the squirrels and their devious plan.

“This is crazy…” I mutter under my breath.

“What was that?!?!” The squirrel I chased quickly turns towards me, and the rest of the squirrels turn to see what caught it's attention…


This is going from bad to worse…I’ve got to really think on my feet now. I see this going two ways - I can fight the squirrels and drive them out of the neighborhood, or I can try to reason with them…


1. Fight the squirrels!
2. Reason with the squirrels